Best Wireless Microphone for Vlogging

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If you’re just starting out on YouTube or another vlogging platform, it’s important that you have high-quality audio on every video. Even if you’re filming in 4K UHD, bad audio can ruin everything. While part of the sound editing process will be done in post-production in software, you need a top-notch microphone to capture high-quality audio in the first place.

So, what is the best wireless microphone for vlogging? Here are a few options:

  1. Rode Wireless GO microphone
  2. SabineTek SmartMike+™ Bluetooth wireless microphone system
  3. Sennheiser XSW-D portable wireless microphone

These 3 wireless microphones are budget-friendly, easy to use, and as good as it gets when you’re recording audio from almost any distance, which makes them ideal for vlogging

In this article, you will learn about each of the microphones above, which one you should choose, and what to look out for when choosing your wireless microphone for vlogging. All 3 mics offer you a professional solution, so I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for from this list.

FeatureRode Wireless GoSabineTek SmartMike+™Sennheiser XSW-D
Battery Life7 hrs6 hrs5 hrs
Distance70m (230 ft)15m (49 ft)75m (250 ft)
Battery Life DisplayYesNoYes (lights)
Bluetooth ConnectionNoYes (5.0)No
2.4Ghz ConnectionYesNoYes
Attach External MicYesNoYes
Price Guide£155£132£249

The Best Wireless Vlogging Mics of 2020

Buying a good wireless vlogging mic will set you up for success in the world of vlogging. Vlogging is an incredibly competitive market, especially since thousands of creators already have a foot in the door.

To compete with them and grow your own audience, you need to have the best gear, which includes a high-quality microphone.

Let’s check out the 3 best wireless microphones for vlogging below.

1. Rode Wireless GO microphone

Rode Wireless Microphone for Vlogging

Rode is one of the best-known brands in the recording industry. It always produces consistent, reliable products, which is why this addition to its range should come to you as no surprise. The Rode Wireless GO microphone has similar features to Rode’s wired mics, so let’s dive into the specs.

For starters, the Wireless GO mic lasts for 7 hours after you charge it with the USB cable provided. The mic is wireless, so rather than it being tethered to a power source, you can take it with you wherever you go. It weighs in at only 31g, making it one of the most portable microphones in the world.

The mic even has a wind reducer to keep white noise from ruining your audio clips. All in all, this microphone takes the top spot on the list because it’s manufactured by Rode, it has 8 channels,  and the longest lasting battery life of the 3 mics in this list.


  • 7-hour battery life (using supplied charging cable)
  • Recording distance up to 70 metres (230 feet)
  • Battery indicator display
  • Adjust output to -6 or -12 dB
  • Designed by a trustworthy, popular brand
  • Ultralight and weighs only 31g (approx. 1 oz)

2. SabineTek SmartMike+™

SabineTek SmartMike+ for wireless vlogging

Second in the list is the SabineTek SmartMike+™. Originally a Kickstarter project and winner of the CES 2020 Innovation Award, this microphone is used so often because it’s more compact than any other high-quality mic on the market. It’s also incredibly lightweight – at just 14g it is lighter than the Rode Wireless GO – which makes it a great option if you’re hiking or travelling.

It is sold individually or as a twin pack, and you can capture audio from 2 SmartMike+™ simultaneously, making it suitable for group interviews. The twin pack can also be used in receiver/mic mode with your DSLR camera.

The SmartMike+™ is designed to work with smartphones (Android and iOS), DSLR cameras and GoPros. The Bluetooth 5.0 signal range on this wireless vlogging microphone is 15 metres (49 feet). It comes with rechargeable batteries that last up to 6 hours per charge, making it almost as long-lasting as the Rode Wireless GO.


  • Compact and lightweight, weighing in at 14g (approx. ½ oz)
  • Two SmartMike+™ can capture audio simultaneously for group interviews
  • Works with Android and iOS smartphones and GoPro
  • If you buy 2 you can use the receiver/mic mode with third-party apps such as Facebook Live and TikTok

3.   Sennheiser XSW-D portable wireless microphone

Sennheiser XSW-D Wireless Microphone Kit

Sennheiser is a brand you can rely on and since starting in 1945 has been one of the true innovators in audio equipment. This is apparent in the brand’s wireless microphone offering, the XSW-D. This is a higher end solution that fits perfectly on to your camera hot shoe for one touch setup and vlogging on the go.

The advantage of the Sennheiser wireless microphone is its versatility. Buy the XSW-D lavalier set and you will have everything you need to connect your microphone to your vlogging camera.

However, if you want to interview using a wireless XLR microphone, the Sennheiser interview set allows you to attach an XLR microphone for higher quality audio, for a high-end professional sound. Ideal for client work.

At 22.7g, the XSW-D lies in the middle of the 3 Wireless microphones for vlogging that we have looked at here by weight, but there really isn’t much to choose between any of the 3 microphones based on weight as they are all lightweight.


  • Range 75 metres (250 feet)
  • Automatic channel allocation and interference management
  • Built-in battery charged via USB-C
  • Compact and lightweight, weighing in at 22.7g (approx. 0.8 oz)
  • 5-hour battery life from a single charge

What Should You Look For?

You’ve read about our top 3 wireless microphones for vlogging, but what you should be looking out for if these are not quite what you’re after? Not all microphones are created equal, which means that the perfect one for someone else might not be ideal for your vlogging requirements.

Here are 4 features to think about when buying your wireless vlogging microphone.

  1. Does it have the range that you need? For vlogging you will need a 3–4.5 metre (10–15 feet) range. It doesn’t matter how good the mic is if it doesn’t have adequate range, so bear this in mind when positioning your camera.
  2. How long does each charge last? Some wireless microphones won’t last longer than 45 minutes, while the Rode Wireless GO will last up to 7 hours on a single charge. Consider this if you will be shooting over a long period.
  3. How long does it take to fully charge? What if you forget to charge your wireless mic the night before, and you need to top it up 10–25% before you head out? The time it takes to charge your mic is just as important as the battery life. It shouldn’t take longer than 2 hours to fully charge a good quality wireless microphone. Some, such as the Wireless GO and the SmartMike+™, will even let you power the mic via USB if the battery runs out during a long shoot.
  4. Can you adjust the channels and/or frequency? The Wireless GO and XSW-D will switch automatically to ensure that you always have the best possible signal. Our experience is that the Wireless GO mic will do this reliably, but not all mics will have this option, so it is something to bear in mind.


Quality audio matters and we think these 3 solutions offer you top quality audio combined with the freedom of a wireless microphone. Based on its longer battery life the Rhode Wireless GO microphone is the perfect choice for vlogging.

If supporting a new tech company is something you believe in, then you will want to choose the SabineTek SmartMike+™. As winner of the CES 2020 Innovation Award, the SmartMike+™ already has high praise from the tech industry. It’s also the only wireless vlogging microphone we found that will work with a GoPro.

For a professional quality wireless microphone, and if you are looking to interview people for your YouTube channel, then take a closer look at the Sennheiser XSW-D wireless microphone interview set. It allows you to add a wireless XLR microphone, so you will be able to focus on just asking the questions.

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